About Anne Kenney

Certified Staging Professional
After investing in real estate and achieving superior results from staging and selling her own properties,  Anne was encouraged by  real estate colleagues to follow the staging path.  Going straight to the source, she studied with and became accredited by the developer of the staging industry in CA.  Anne returned to NYC when staging was still very much in its infancy, and made the rounds to real estate firms and associations and media outlets, educating brokers and sellers.  Together they participated in the growth of this exciting new industry.

Prior to this, Anne held senior level marketing positions in large corporations, successfully launching a number of startup products and services, always exceeding expectations.  A “creative” at heart, her interests and studies include art, design and photography.  Anne credits her photography background with the skills necessary to set up properties that show competitively online, today’s first pass for property buyers.

Although Anne grew up in Washington, DC, attending  National Cathedral School for Girls, and subsequently Stanford University in California, her heart has always belonged to New York City, where she has resided now for more than three decades.

Anne’s staging work and commentaries have been featured in numerous media, including the NY Times, Dow Jones/CBS Television, NBC Open House, The Daily News, Wall Street Journal.