Luxury Properties are in a class of their own. These may be vacant, furnished, estate or model apartments. They require the same services and processes as other properties, however at a very high end level.

High end furnishings, gallery art, luxurious bedding, and other amenities such as pianos, may be acquired for these properties for ideal presentation.

Property Preparation If necessary

  •  Arrange for contract work- cosmetic improvements, repairs, minor renovation
  •  Edit current furnishings and contents for ideal staging presentation
  • Pack up and move excess furniture and items to short or long term storage
  • Arrange for items to be sold, auctioned or completely cleared out

Strategic Staging of Property

  • Acquire furnishings, gallery art and accessories for ideal staging presentation
  • Landscape terraces, outdoor spaces if required
  • Prepare property for photo shoot and showings

Photo Shoot Styling

  • Acquire/import additional props to best showcase property for online photographs
  • Assist broker and photographer with ideal furniture and accessories’ placement for stunning photographs

Anne Kenney Associates specializes in Luxury Staging...