Vacant properties present their own set of challenges.  Their rooms appear smaller than when strategically furnished. Not to mention cold and uninviting.  Vacant properties are completely “exposed”.  They invite buyers to find fault, and beg to be set apart from the next empty “box”.  An empty property doesn’t say “home” to buyers.

Effective staging of vacant properties requires a balance between “neutral “and “exciting”.  It’s important that a staged property not appear too static or bare.  Each must be unique and engaging, and not shy about exhibiting some character.  Our custom approach determines what chord to strike with buyers depending upon the property location, the building, the target market, and the sale price.

Property Preparation

  • Arrange for contract work- cosmetic improvements, repairs, minor renovation if required

Strategic Staging of Property

  • Acquire furnishings, art and accessories for ideal staging presentation
  • Landscape terraces, outdoor spaces if required
  • Prepare property for photo shoot and showings

Photo Shoot Styling

  • Acquire additional props to best showcase property in online photographs
  • Assist broker and photographer with ideal furniture and accessories placement for exceptional photographs
“We utilize multiple sources for each staging, scouring the planet for the perfect furniture, art and accessories.  It’s not about what’s easiest for us. It’s about what will set your property apart from all the others and say buy ME.” 

–Anne Kenney

Anne Kenney Associates Specializes in Vacant Staging...