Dear friends,

Last summer, we pitched a staging job in Chelsea. A large contemporary unique space. Only two firms were invited to submit proposals. We were fairly confident that we’d get the job (because we usually do. Not boasting, just a fact). So when our long-time broker called us to say the job had been given to the other firm, we were initially quite disappointed, and then, immediately very curious!!

It turned out that the job had been awarded to a relatively new NYC staging company, Vesta. We had never heard of them, so of course, we dove straight into Vesta’s website to see who these folks were. You get it… always check out the competition! We subsequently inspected the property’s online listing photos to see how they had staged the property. Needless to say, the presentation was simply STUNNING. We would have done a fabulous job, as well, but we had nothing but praise for their work. FAST FORWARD – a few months later on a Friday night at 7pm, my cell phone rang. It was the CEO of Vesta inquiring as to whether we would be interested in joining the Vesta family.

After a series of Zoom meetings with Vesta’s management team (we were both ruthless in our questions about each other!), we were very encouraged. We learned that Vesta is a full-service design studio, ready to meet all their clients’ staging, interior design, furniture rental, and manufacturing needs. The synergies between AK Staging and Vesta were numerous and unmistakable.

It became clear to both Vesta and us that joining our two firms would provide YOU, our clients with:

Enhanced Luxury Custom Aesthetic: An elevated layer of luxury furnishings added to our already exceptional AK Staging inventory and custom staging approach to the market.
Expanded Expertise: A larger team of experienced staging professionals who share our commitment to excellence. Vesta’s NYC management team came to Vesta with years of experience at other large NYC luxury staging firms. Together, with AK Staging’s two decades of staging success, we possess a deep understanding of the NYC real estate market and a wealth of knowledge to offer our clients unmatched service.
Sales RESULTS: Both Vesta and AK Staging have extraordinary stats for properties sold in record time at record prices. This remains our top priority.
Efficiencies and Quick Turnaround: With the combined resources of AK Staging and Vesta Home, we may now execute projects more efficiently than ever before. From design conceptualization to installation, expect quicker turnaround times without compromising on quality or custom design.
Aligned Pricing Structure: AK Staging and Vesta Home are completely aligned in our commitment to fair and competitive pricing, ensuring that you continue to receive exceptional value for your investment.
Comprehensive Services: Our merger enables us to provide an even more comprehensive range of services under one roof. Whether you require staging, interior design, contract work, retail custom furniture, or rentals, we’ve got you covered with seamless, turnkey solutions.
Personalized Attention: Our commitment to personalized service remains unwavering. Our dedicated AK Staging team, including Senior Designer, Laurie Raphael, who has been with AKS for over a decade, will continue to prioritize your needs and preferences.

I am so grateful that I took that call at 7pm on that Friday night last year! The dream of having a larger organization – with which to serve our valued clients of twenty years and many more new clients – has manifested seamlessly.

Our immediate goal is to ensure a seamless transition for all of you. To that end, we invite you to schedule an in-person meeting or a Zoom call with us to discuss how this merger opens up new opportunities and benefits for you. Whether you have questions, ideas, or simply want to reconnect, we are here to listen and serve you better.

Let’s chat soon!

Warm regards,