I wish I had a dollar for each time a seller has challenged, “ Why do I need to stage? Whoever buys the property is just going just tear it apart and start over.”  Well, that may be so, I explain, but you still need to make them WANT to do this first! If buyers can’t see the full potential of your property, they’ll just keep looking.  And in our fast paced society, it takes only a few seconds to miss an opportunity.

The staging industry would not exist if the majority of buyers had vision. So few can see beyond the distractions of clutter or highly personalized designs.  And they are befuddled by vacant properties, which often appear small or have odd layouts.

Every property would benefit from a staging “check up” before it is listed.  If vacant, seriously consider adding furniture and props to set the stage for buyers.  If furnished, are the rooms arranged to show maximum space? Contain items that distract from the property, such as extensive displays of family photos or decorative collections? Is it set up to show off its best features or are these relegated to the background ? Are spectacular views or natural light blocked by elaborate window treatments or dirty windows? Valuable terrace space unexciting? In need of a number of minor and major repairs? And so on and so on.

Professional stagers are trained to strategically prepare any property such that it maximizes its potential for both buyers and sellers.  Even if the buyers are just going to “tear it apart and start over.”   The investment made in staging any property will be returned to its seller in spades.